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What do Cinderella and teenagers have in common? No, it’s not a fairy godmother, glass shoes or a pair of evil stepsisters. It’s the good old teen curfew.

I’m a parent of 2 teenagers who want to stay out later than I can stay awake. My usual bedtime is 10:00pm and their curfew is 11:00 or sometimes even later. This creates a lot of anxiety since I want them home before falling asleep. But say they come home very late, or even worse, not come home, I wouldn’t have a clue given because I was too tired to wait up.

Want an easy solution?

Set an alarm clock for the time of your teens curfew, for example 11:00 pm. The teen is then responsible for getting home and turning OFF the curfew alarm clock BEFORE it wakes the parents. This allows us to get to sleep on time knowing our kids will be home safe and sound, and the kids will learn to get home on time… or feel the wrath of an overtired mom.


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