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Four-year-old Léa Langumier has flown with her dad, Raphael Langumier, 40, several times since she was a toddler but she always had one rule — dad was not allowed to fly the plane upside down.

Recently, the girl overcame her fear — gleefully at that — when she took part in her first acrobatic plane ride with her dad near Montreal, Canada. It’s safe to say it’s a flight she will never forget.

When she told her father she was ready for those stomach churning twists and turns — even being upside down — he picked her up, raised her in the air and began simulating acrobatic moves, just to make sure she was ready before they took to the skies.

‘Papa, I want my head upside down again.’– Léa Langumier, four years old

Judging by her reaction, it’s safe to say that Léa had a blast. After performing some basic moves, dad flips the plane upside down and she is seen giggling throughout the ride, even asking him for an encore.

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