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Quickly browse through your cell phone and take note of the impromptu pictures of your family, they are all missing someone – You!

If you’re like most mothers, most of your candid photos of your children contain cameos of dad. That needs to be corrected pronto as one Australian mom reminds us.

Sophie Cachia, a blogger at The Young Mummy, has made a very important stand against “dad-only cameos” in a recent Instagram post that all moms and dads should pay attention to.

The lovely photo shows Cachia bonding with her little boy, Bobby, while her newborn daughter Florence is fast asleep. The caption reads,

“Dear Men, take the photo. Take the god damn photo. We spend days capturing beautiful moments of you and the kids. So whenever you see one of us with our babies, a beautiful candid moment, take the bloody god damn photo. Cheers, Mums.”

Mom speaks the truth. Most moms are designated as the family photographer and as a result, moms are left out of the picture. Though Dads are every bit as able to take photos with their own mobile phones, most don’t think to capture those little moments outside of Christmas or other big events.

Cachia’s husband just preserved a lovely moment between a mother and her children. Although it’s un-posed and looks like an everyday moment lazing around the couch, the photo is exactly what every mom will want to remember, especially once the baby and toddler years start fading from memory. It’s nice having reminders like this to look back on.

It isn’t always just the dad’s fault. Moms, don’t dodge out of frame because you think you look like shit. Sure your hair is messy and make-up is less than perfect, still let him take the photo. It is important to capture as many candid memories as you can before your kids grow up and won’t want to cuddle on the couch.

Photos of the normal day-to-day activities are priceless. Hopefully with Cachia’s post, more dads will be willing to “take the god damn picture,” and more moms to actually let it happen.

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