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Are you sick and tired of people constantly commenting on your chunky baby? Concerned about your baby’s laziness as they do nothing but sleep the day away?

Thankfully, the makers of Fitbit and Fitstar have designed a mobile app geared towards chunky babies who need a little extra push to achieve their fitness goals.

“FitStar Baby is a groundbreaking platform that enables infants of all ages to get fit anytime, anywhere,” Travis Raila, a product manager at FitStar, said in a video which was coincidentally enough released on April 1st.

The app whips your baby into shape with customized workouts led by football legend Tony Gonzalez and includes freestyle cardio sessions — like Blankie Plankie, Squats For Tots, and Jumping Jack Be Nimble. So far the results have been nothing short of amazing, just look at how fit baby Desmond, an actual FitStar Baby user, got in these before-and-after shots!

fitstar before and after

Watch the video for yourself and see the results. Is FitStar Baby the right workout for your baby?

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