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Who knew a coloring book full of profanities could be so damn relaxing?

Sarah Bigwood, a 30-year-old artist from UK, has designed 20 pages worth of fucking fancy adult coloring pages for the days when only a big swear will do!

Sweary Coloring Books 3

Imagine this, you are in the Costco parking on a rainy Saturday, your kids are screaming in the back seat because they want the window rolled down, and an asshole cuts you off and takes the only remaining parking spot that’s remotely close to the entrance. Cringing yet?

Sweary Coloring Books 1

Instead of going ballistic on this wingnut and let them ruin your Saturday, when you get home, pour a huge glass of wine, grab a bunch of crayons and color your profanity of choice, in this case I’d go with ‘Dickhead’.

Sweary Coloring Books 2

Doesn’t that sound fun?

You can get more information on this sweary coloring book on Kickstarter or order off Etsy.

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