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Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. The same rules apply when it comes to parenting styles.

Lets face it, moms and dads have different styles of parenting. The differences between moms and dads are apparent when it comes to nurturing, deeming safe activities, discipline and pretty much every other aspect of raising kids.

Below is photo evidence DarnKid has compiled to show these hilarious parenting differences between moms and dads.

  1. On family bonding time.


  2. On trips to the amusement park.differences-between-mom-dad-24
  3. On trips to the grocery store.differences-between-mom-dad-23
  4. Difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Daydifferences-between-mom-dad-21
  5. The differences in the daily barrage of questioning.differences-between-mom-dad-20
  6. Going on a quiet stroll with the kids.differences-between-mom-dad-19
  7. On parental advice.differences-between-mom-dad-18
  8. Different discipline techniques.differences-between-mom-dad-17
  9. Sleeping beauties.differences-between-mom-dad-16
  10. Thinking while in bed.
  11. Different styles of feeding.differences-between-mom-dad-13
  12. Different methods in feeding animals at the zoo.differences-between-mom-dad-12
  13. On learning to ride a bike.differences-between-mom-dad-11
  14. Eat two more bites of meat vs eat two more bites of vegetables.differences-between-mom-dad-10
  15. On decision making.differences-between-mom-dad-9
  16. Bath time is fun time.differences-between-mom-dad-8
  17. It’s all about perspective.differences-between-mom-dad-7
  18. On going to bed.differences-between-mom-dad-6
  19. Differences in hands-on learning.differences-between-mom-dad-5
  20. Different tastes in costume genres.differences-between-mom-dad-3
  21. On riding in style.differences-between-mom-dad-2

What do you think of these hilarious differences between moms and dads parenting styles? Missing any? Let us know in the comments below.

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