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A BBC World News expert guest gets interrupted live on air by his mischievous but adorable kids.

Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed on live TV about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye, when his two children stole the focus after bursting into his home office.

He was midway through answering the presenter’s questions about Park Guen-hye when a little girl opens the door behind him and wanders carelessly into the room and starts fiddling with a toy.

She swings her arms happily as she walks over to her dad, only to be palmed away by the understandably unamused dad.

Kelly’s hopes of regaining control of the situation were further thwarted when a second child in a walker rolls through the door, with seemingly impeccable comedic timing.

A woman – possibly the children’s mom – then frantically rushes in to round the kids up, further adding to the chaos as she stays close to the ground trying (but failing) to stay out of the camera’s view as she closes the door.

Yells can be heard in the background as Robert tries to carry on discussing the South Korean situation.

The perils of working from home.

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