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Parents face many unique challenges. Simple tasks such as leaving the house or getting dressed become nearly impossible. You may have forgotten how easy it once was.

Michael McIntyre, a hilarious British comedian and dad of 2, once stated he wouldn’t actually have a stand-up act if it wasn’t for his wife and young sons.

He has four simple words for all the non-parents in the audience, you may think you know, but seriously, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA.”

People without kids are expert parents. They think they know how to parent and silently judge parents and kids alike, silently thinking ‘My kids wouldn’t have a temper tantrum at the grocery store checkout line’. Realistically they wouldn’t last a full day as a parent, you don’t truly understand what’s involved unless you have kids of your own. You may think you know, but seriously, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

People with no kids say “Good night.” Maybe even “Sleep well.” People with kids just say “Good luck.”

“Things that you don’t even consider to be ‘things’ will become nearly impossible. Things like…leaving the house.”

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