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One fairy tale-loving mom spent over 60 hours creating an awesome mural inspired by the Disney film “Tangled”.

To pass the Winter months, an immensely talented mom, Jennifer Treece, decided to decorate her 8-year-old daughter’s room with a Disney “Tangled” mural.

“I just love fairy tales, I love the movies so much; the music and the artistry and the beauty of them.”

mom-painted-an-epic-disney-tangled-mural-in-her-daughters-room-2 mom-painted-an-epic-disney-tangled-mural-in-her-daughters-room-3

She started with the castle.


Then I worked her way up to the ceiling.


When the background was finished, she added the details including Rapunzel’s pet chameleon, Pascal.

mom-painted-an-epic-disney-tangled-mural-in-her-daughters-room-6 mom-painted-an-epic-disney-tangled-mural-in-her-daughters-room-7

Then came Rapunzel and her Prince Charming, Flynn Rider.


Staying with the Rapunzel theme, she added a huge braid falling from the tree.


It’s safe to say her daughter LOVED it!


What do you think of this Disney Tangled Mural? Let us know in the comments below!

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