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Katie Kirby, 35, a mother of two little boys, creates hilarious stick figure cartoons that depict the reality of parenting, from chickenpox to temper tantrums.

She shares her comic strips on her immensely popular blog, Hurrah For Gin.

Using just Microsoft Paint, Katie draws hilarious stick figure cartoons which tackle subjects such as ‘The Seven Stages of Sleep Deprivation’ and ‘An Open Letter to Postman Pat’.

Katie, who lives with husband Jim, and her two and a five-year-old sons, started her blog in July 2013 while on maternity leave. She wanted something to keep her busy, which would easily fit in her schedule whilst looking after her kids at home.

Since the success of her blog, Hurrah for Gin has become Katie’s full-time job.

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If you loved these stick figure cartoons, check out her Hurrah for Gin blog here or on her Facebook page.

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