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Parents often fantasize about the days of spontaneously going out to bars with friends, staying out late, waking up after 9-10 hours of sleep only to spend the rest of the day watching movies on the couch. It gets us all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

Australian comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee created this hilarious three-minute Parent Fantasy Hotline video that all parents should understand!

In the video, new dad Blake calls a ‘Parent Fantasy Hotline’ from his car and an anonymous voice answers. “I’ve never called one of these lines before, so I’m a bit nervous,” Blake says sheepishly.

Lee, the phone operator, then asks the new dad what he wants and Blake’s request is simple, “Just tell me about your weekend,”

The operator starts divulging details about his spontaneous, carefree weekend and Blake can barely contain himself. “Oh my God… Say that again. Say that thing about Saturday being free … and with no commitments,” he asks.

Most parents can agree, though we do often fantasize about what life was like prior to kids, we wouldn’t change a thing. The sleepless nights and lack of spontaneity is totally worth it.

Watch the full clip above and enjoy!

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