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It’s New Year’s morning and most of us are experiencing an epic hangover. Your kids want to  play, you want to crawl into a hole and cry. Here are the Most Effective Ways To Prevent And Cure A Hangover.

Line the line the stomach

Eat before hitting the town to delay digestion of digests the alcohol more slowly, giving your body time to mop up earlier booze before drinks later in the evening get digested. If you don’t have time to eat, try a glass of milk as the fats in the milk also cause the same delayed digestion.

Pick the right booze

Avoid congeners. Red wine and dark alcohols produce more impurities which are called congeners which make all hangover symptoms worse. Here’s a handy congener chart which shows which alcohols have high and low congener levels.

Quit while you’re ahead

Stop drinking a couple of hours before you sleep, so you still enjoy your drunkenness but don’t stick even more poisons in your body that you’re going to miss the benefit of because you’re unconscious (also delaying your hangover by a few hours), and instead give your body a head-start on your hangover, so by the time you wake up it’s a couple of hours less severe than it would have been.


Drink a large glass of water before you go to bed (salt optional, but not a bad idea), or some other isotonic/mineral-rich drink like Gatorade, to replace lot fluids and salts. If you want to stay on the ball, one glass of water per alcoholic drink is a near surefire way to prevent a hangover.


The following morning try to include eggs, bananas and fruit juice contains important hangover combatants like cysteine, potassium and fructose. A sports drink can help replace electrolytes, sugars and salt lost with all the peeing. Coffee is a bad idea as it will only make you more dehydrated.


Take multivitamins, they’ll combat the vitamin depletion that comes with urinating every five minutes.

Take Asprin

Taking a couple Asprin before bed or in the morning help reduce inflammation.

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