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This adorably schmaltzy-looking looking baby shower card cries like a newborn for three long hours.

Lets face it, baby showers are boring. The mom-to-be opens onesie after onesie while we all talk about how wonderful life will be for her once the baby arrives. Why not give her a taste of reality?

Queue this hilariously diabolical baby shower card, which looks like any other ordinary musical greeting card, but with a catch. Instead of playing cutsie music, it cries like a milk-starved, colicky newborn and won’t stop until the battery runs out.

This evil baby shower prank card was created by Joker Greeting and sells for $10.99. It looks like any ordinary baby shower card. The front of the sentimental looking card features a sweet photo of a baby sleeping peacefully with the heading, “A Baby is God’s Sweetest Gift,”.

Inside the card, the deceit  continues, with a touching message reading, “a gift that keeps on giving.”. Below this heartfelt message is a musical note with a button beside it. The unsuspecting mom-to-be presses the button and instead of music she’s hit with over three hours, or 180+ minutes, of unstoppable crying that only a newborn can muster.

Here is a video of the crying baby shower card in action:

Be warned, you may not be invited back to any baby showers.

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