A Two-Year-Old’s Morbid Solution To The Trolley Problem

The dark side is strong with this one.

The trolley problem, a classic ethics experiment which asks you to imagine a trolley headed toward a track that five people are tied up to and unable to move. If you pull a lever, you can redirect the trolley to another track, which only has one person on the track. Do you stand back and watch the trolley kill the five people on the main track? Or do you intervene and pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will only kill one person.

E. J. Masicampo, a psychology professor at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, decided to put his two-year-old’s moral compass to the test with this puzzle.

His sons response has both delighted and horrified viewers, with young Nicholas opting to devolve into pure anarchy.