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Maternity photos are undeniably sweet, but in most cases they overlook the real struggles of the mom-to-be.

Photographer Danielle Guenther created this ongoing series titled What the BUMP,” which puts an honest twist on maternity photos and shows what pregnancy really looks like behind all the smoke and mirrors. Her goal was to shed some light on the process of becoming a family. The series features pregnant women doing very ordinary things while dealing with morning sickness and all the other annoyances of pregnancy.

“Woman are truly magical super-hero’s for being able to grow a baby for 9+ months! There are a lot of obstacles along the way, but as long as you can roll with the punches and laugh, it’s all good.”

Danielle wants to remind all moms-to-be “to just relax. It’s a crazy process going through pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to talk about the challenges.”

“I’m NOT Walking Home”
“Morning Sickness, 9-5”
“It’s Go Time”

“Many of us are just waiting to sit back, open up, and complain together : ) But over a huge pizza, bag of potato chips, and ice-cream of course,”

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